King David & Akavish the Spider by Sylvia Rouss

King David & Akavish the Spider by Sylvia Rouss

Illustrated by Ari Binus

When a young shepherd boy aims a stone at a spider web, he little dreams that it is the beginning of a lasting friendship or that the small creature will one day save his life. Akavish the Spider makes a promise to David, which he keeps. But the greatest gift he gives is the knowledge that size and strength don’t always win the day: by using your own special gift and your wits, anything is possible! It’s a lesson for a king, and one that the future King of Israel will never forget…

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  1. Israel A Cohen says:

    In modern Hebrew, the spider is called 3aKaViSH עַכָּבִישׁ , a meld of 3aKaV = lie in wait + kaf-vet-shin KaVaSH = capture, to take into bondage. Compare “put the KiBoSH on”.

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