On the Move: A Life by Oliver Sacks

On the Move: A Life by Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks was equally at home in the wards of chronic disease hospitals as he was in the esteemed and hallowed halls of Oxford or riding across the United States with leather bikers. Perhaps it is this effortless ability to relate to such a wide variety of people and milieux that has allowed him to garner respect and almost cult-like status among the intelligentsia and the common man alike. From Hollywood actors—like the late Robin Williams, who played Sacks in the award-winning film Awakening—to Nobel Prize winners, Sacks’ chameleon–like ease has garnered him both respect and admiration.

Revered as a physician, beloved by family and friends, Sacks was at heart a storyteller, and a masterful one at that. In his brilliant autobiography On the Move, Sacks takes the reader on a vivid and storied journey from South London, where he grew up in a home of brilliant physicians, to his sexual awakening in repressed postwar England to his medical and professional training to his rise to literary prominence. In revealing his own life story, Sacks shows us that his autobiography is equally as enthralling as those of his patients, whose stories he captured in Awakenings and Hallucinations.

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