Why This Black Woman Married a Jewish Man by Nazaree Hines-Starr

Why This Black Woman Married a Jewish Man by Nazaree Hines-Starr

A Phenomenal Encounter With the Jewish Community

This book is a refreshing easy read containing loads of dating and relationship advice sprinkled with bursts of humor and a bit of poetry as well. We all know that it takes a “villiage” to raise a child, but very seldom do we see this implemented. Throughout the book I explore how the Jewish man’s nurturing community, enduring culture, and customs attribute to their wonderful relationship skills, family values, and positive alpha male characteristics. Find out why Jewish men make fantastic husbands and why Jewish men are very compatible with professional African-American women as well as young thriving Caucasian females. Overall, finding Mr. Right is not a one size fits all and involves a multi-prong approach. Including being open to interracial dating, implementing dating etiquette, employing various dating methods, addressing personality obstacles, and applying faith in dating. If anything positive comes from this book, I hope that it is we begin to pave a path to improving the lives of all of our children. Let’s Get Started!!

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