Jewish Responses to Persecution by Leah Wolfson

Jewish Responses to Persecution by Leah Wolfson

1944–1946, Volume 5

With its unique combination of primary sources and historical narrative, Jewish Responses to Persecution: 1944–1946, provides an important new perspective on Holocaust history. Covering the final year of Nazi destruction and the immediate postwar years, it traces the increasingly urgent Jewish struggle for survival, , which included armed resistance and organized escape attempts. Shedding light on the personal and public lives of Jews, this book provides compelling insights into a wide range of Jewish experiences during the Holocaust. Jewish individuals and communities suffered through this devastating period and reflected on the Holocaust differently, depending on their nationality, personal and communal histories and traditions, political beliefs, economic situations, and other life history. The rich spectrum of primary source material collected, including letters, diary entries, photographs, transcripts of speeches and radio addresses, newspaper articles, drawings, and official government and institutional memos and reports, makes this volume an essential research tool and curriculum companion.

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