Survivor: Aron’s Story by Alex Teplish – Graphic Novel

Survivor: Aron's Story by Alex Teplish

This unique project is part graphic novel and part historical education. The first part of this book shares Aron’s (my grandfather) experience, living in Odessa, Ukraine (part of the former USSR) and his survival as a teenager under the Romanian/Nazi occupation during WWII. Aron’s story, visually depicted here in the graphic novel form, allows us to experience the events first hand, through the eyes of young Aron himself, while learning about one of the least documented episodes of the Holocaust. The second part of the book delves deeper into the history of the Jewish Diaspora, connecting this historical background to the roots of Jewish persecution, World War II, and the Holocaust. Many of the events from Aron’s life presented in this book have been translated from his interview to the USC Shoah Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg.

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  1. Anna Aizic says:

    Sounds like a wonderful journey of stoic survival, and I wonder if Aron’s Father family knew my Zeida [Grandfather] from Odessa, and the journey of survival of my own family described in my recently published epistolary novel ” The Circles of Life: My Ukrainian Family’s Odyssey of Secrets, Love and Survival.”

    Anna Aizic

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