The Tzaddik’s Accomplishment by Mohorosh of Heichal Hakodesh Breslov

The Tzaddik's Accomplishment by Mohorosh of Heichal Hakodesh Breslov

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Who doesn’t appreciate a good story? A master storyteller can magically transform an ordinary occurrence from the past into a vivid and exciting experience in the present. An insightful story drives a point home faster and sharper than a lengthy speech or lesson. The question may be posed: does the story itself wield the power, or does its impact depend upon the storyteller and the listeners?
Rabbi Nachman teaches us that the power of a story lies in the actual story itself. Each repetition of a narrative about a righteous person arouses the impact of this tzaddik’s actions, and this has a direct, positive influence on the person. The merit of the tzaddik ignites a yearning in the person’s heart, so that he becomes motivated to emulate the tzaddik and begin serving Hashem with renewed passion. That is why our sages say, ‘Happy are the righteous, for not only do they merit (greatness); they also continue to inspire their children and children’s children forever after’ (Yoma 87).
The Rebbe strongly stressed the importance of relating tales of the righteous, for ‘When a person repeats stories of tzaddikim, he merits to come closer to them’ (Sefer Hamiddos, Tzaddik, 157). In Sefer Hamiddos, Mashiach, the Rebbe states that recounting stories of tzaddikim ignites the light of Mashiach and of healing, while dispelling darkness and suffering.
Each generation has its own share of righteous individuals, for ‘God saw that the righteous are few, therefore He planted them in each and every generation’ (Yoma 38). These tzaddikim teach and inspire people to live according to Torah directives and to cleave to Hashem. In recent generations, when simple faith seems almost beyond reach, we have been privileged to bask in the presence of the holy tzaddik, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov zt”l , who paved a path in avodas Hashem. All who follow in his path, be it even the lowliest Jew, can draw closer to God and attain the loftiest heights.

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