When G-d Asks Me by Devorah Kalani

When G-d Asks Me by Devorah Kalani

A Jewish woman’s spiritual and physical journey to the Holy Land to use K-9 working dogs to guard Jews in the … and preventing terrorism by Palestinians.

Forget what you think you know about Israel, the holyland, Jews, terrorism, this is a fresh man …woman on the ground perspective. Religious yet raw telling of the day to day tribulations of Jews trying to settle in Israel’s historic heartland.

Our dog team was a special band of brothers. We lived a unique time in a unique place. At no time in my life have I had so many arguments with so many people that ended with, “Get a Torah.” We spilled blood, sweat and tears on this chosen land. We laughed and fought more than just a lot, but we were all there for the same reason: to protect Jews in the land of Israel.

When God asks me what I did when my brothers and sisters were being stabbed, raped, shot, bombed, and stoned in His land; I can say,

“I went to the West Bank and . . .”

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