Strolling Through the Lower East Side With ‘All-of-a-Kind Family’

All-of-a-Kind Family

From Tablet Magazine

A mother and daughter—both megafans of Sydney Taylor’s timeless kidlit—take a tour of Manhattan’s historic Jewish neighborhood
By Marjorie Ingall

“I’m totally a Henny,” I told my daughter Josie.

“Everyone thinks they’re a Henny,” Josie told me, with the implicit eye-roll only a 14-year-old girl can deliver without actually eye-rolling. “Everyone wants to be the bad girl. But you are so completely a Sarah.”

This was super-hurtful, because while every girl who has ever read the All-of-a-Kind Family books has her favorite among the five sisters, no one’s favorite is Sarah. You remember her: The middle sister, best known for freaking out about a lost library book and sobbing when faced with soup.

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