The Jewish Book of Grief and Healing: A Spiritual Companion for Mourning

The Jewish Book of Grief and Healing: A Spiritual Companion for Mourning

Wisdom, solace and inspiration from Jewish tradition to bring you hope and healing after loss.

Beloved and respected spiritual leaders from across the Jewish denominational spectrum share insights from their experience, Jewish tradition and their personal encounters with grief and healing. This wide range of perspectives, offered with grace and compassion, will be a treasured resource in your time of grief. Whether mourning a recent loss or experiencing pain from old scars, you will be encouraged and challenged to be fully, vulnerably present to your emotions; forgive your own shortcomings and those of others; and remain open to love despite pain and uncertainty.

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, DHL • Rabbi Anne Brener, LCSW • Dr. Norman J. Cohen • Rabbi Mike Comins • Rabbi David A. Cooper • Rabbi Rachel Cowan • Rabbi Edward Feinstein • Rabbi Nancy Flam • Rabbi Lori Forman-Jacobi • Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, MSW, MA, BCC • Debbie Friedman • Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, PhD • Nan Fink Gefen, PhD • Rabbi Neil Gillman, PhD • Rabbi Edwin Goldberg, DHL • Rabbi Arthur Green, PhD • Dr. David Hartman • Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, PhD • Rabbi Margaret Holub • Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar • Rabbi Lawrence Kushner • Rabbi Maurice Lamm • Rabbi Naomi Levy • Rabbi David Lyon • Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler • Rabbi James L. Mirel • Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky • Rabbi Daniel F. Polish, PhD • Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso • Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis • Rabbi Dannel I. Schwartz • Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz • Rabbi Rami Shapiro • Rachel Josefowitz Siegel • Rabbi Shira Stern, DMin, BCC • Rabbi Nancy Wechsler-Azen • Karen Bonnell Werth • Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener, DMin • Dr. Ron Wolfson • Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman

Source: Jewish Book Council

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