October 2016 Jewish Book Carnival

"Stir" by Jessica Fechtor

The October Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly roundup of Jewish literary links from across the blogosphere, is being hosted by Rivka Levy at Emunaroma. You can see the Carnival at http://www.emunaroma.com/blog/octobers-jewish-book-carnival . You’ll find links to Jewish book news, book reviews and author interviews, including,

  • The Golem, a spoken word album that reimagines the legend of a Frankenstein’s Monster type figure created to protect the Jews of Prague.
  • Reviews of Richard Schwartz‘s new book: ‘Who stole my religion? Revitalizing Judaism and applying Jewish values to help heal our imperiled planet’
  • Q&A with Elizabeth Rynecki about Rynecki’s new book, Chasing portraits: A great-granddaughter’s quest for her lost art legacy.
  • A review of “Stir” by Jessica Fechtor.

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