April 2017 Jewish Book Carnival

Jewish Book Carnival

The April Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly roundup of Jewish literary links from across the blogosphere, is being hosted by Yael Shahar at the Memory & Redemption blog. You can see the Carnival at https://www.damaged-mirror.com/springtime-reading-jewish-book-carnival/. You’ll find links to Jewish book news, book reviews and author interviews, including:

  • S.Y. Agnon’s Passover-focused “The Celebrants,” a story within The Bridal Canopy, is the focus of a post on the Fig Tree Books blog.
  • Author Samuel Griswold has reviewed The Book of Names by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori at www.samuelgriswold.com. The Book of Names centers on the Talmudic concept of the Lamed Vovniks, or thirty-six righteous individuals whose presence in every generation prevents the world’s destruction. But, will a secret cult succeed in assassinating them all and bringing about the end of this world?
  • Deborah Kalb interviews a variety of authors on her blog, deborahkalbbooks.blogspot.com. Here’s a recent interview she did with Lisa Moses Leff about her new book, Colonialism and the Jews.

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