The Six-Day Hero by Tammar Stein

The Six-Day Hero by Tammar Stein

Motti knows that war is coming. Israel is only nineteen years old the same age as Motti’s brave older brother, Gideonand the tiny country is surrounded by enemies. It’s only a matter of time before Egypt, Jordan and Syria attack. When Motti’s best friend’s family flees the country and his brother goes off to fight, Motti realizes this war isn’t a game. His family is in danger, and Israel’s very survival is at stake.

Motti knows his older brother is a hero but through the six days of the war that will decide Israel’s fate, he discovers other heroes in surprising places. He may even be a hero himself.

From The Book of Life podcast

I almost didn’t read The Six-Day Hero because I usually don’t like war stories. But I’m glad I tried it because once I started, I couldn’t put it down.  I also got interested because another podcast guest, Catriella Freedman, had mentioned to me that this book was vetted by the kids of PJ Our Way, and that their feedback affected the final book.  So for several reasons, I was eager to talk to author Tammar Stein.

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