Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art; edited by Irvin Ungar

Arthur Szyk: Soldier in Art; edited by Irvin Ungar

This is an indispensable publication on the life and work of the great Polish-Jewish-American artist-activist Arthur Szyk. A master of miniature painting and calligraphy, Szyk (1894-1951) brought his unmistakable style to subjects as diverse as biblical stories, literary classics, and political cartoons. This powerful, striking book is one for all art enthusiasts and collectors, students of World War II and Holocaust history, and the art world in general, as well as a vital tool for educators.

Irvin Ungar is the curator of The Arthur Szyk Society in Burlingame, CA.

Michael Berenbaum is director of the Sigi Ziering Institute at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA.

Tom L. Freudenheim is an art historian.

Steven Heller is the author of The Daily Heller.

James Kettlewell is an art historian.

via Jewish Book Council

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