Podcast: Pirkei Imahot & Graphic Novel Pirkei Avot

Pirkei Imahot: The Wisdom of Mothers, The Voices of Women by Lois Sussman Shenker and Rabbi Eve Posen

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The Book of Life Podcast convened a virtual roundtable among the creators of two books related to The Ethics of the Fathers, aka the Pirkei Avot. We spoke with Jessica Deutsch, creator of The Illustrated Pirkei Avot: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Ethics, and with Lois Shenker and Rabbi Eve Posen, co-authors of Pirkei Imahot: The Wisom of Mothers, The Voices of Women.

Listen to the podcast here:

FYI, The Book of Life Podcast grand finale will be posted later in December, featuring clips from past episodes and comments from you, the listeners. You can find a full archive of past episodes at bookoflifepodcast.com, and also on The Internet Archive at archive.org/details/@tbol.

During its hiatus, The Book of Life may post occasional episodes when a topic proves too tempting to ignore, so stay subscribed!

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