Colossus: Wail Of The Fallen by David Blixt

Colossus: Wail Of The Fallen by David Blixt

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​The third novel in the epic Colossus series! Set during the Roman siege of Jerusalem, the story culminates in the savage fire and sack that is lamented to this day.

Inside the walls, brothers Judah and Asher struggle to defend the city of their birth against the coming Roman attack. Masons by trade, warriors by nature, they work to reinforce Jerusalem’s fabled walls. But they have no defense against the terror of unrest within their own community as zealots wage war against each other to rule the city, even as the army of Vespasian and Titus close in on their final goal – the complete subjugation of Israel. At the end, defending the great Temple of Jerusalem, Judah must decide what he values most, his family, his honour, or his God.

Combining the best of Simon Scarrow, Colleen McCullough, and Mary Renault, this novel carefully sets the stage for the tragic end of the world’s most revered ancient city, and sets its people on the road to the Diaspora with just enough hope to carry on.

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