Titanic: The Incredible Tale of “the Unsinkable” Moshe Wallas by Avraham Ohayon

Titanic: The Incredible Tale of "the Unsinkable" Moshe Wallas by Avraham Ohayon

Illustrator: Dan & Yoel Bar-Lev

This is the story of the Titanic, the legendary ship that could never sink, interlaced with the tale of Moshe, a poor village boy who moves to the big city and gets swept up by his dizzying financial success. Moshe’s life is on a trajectory to fame and fortune until everything falls apart and his grandiose dreams vanish into oblivion, like the swiftly sinking Titanic. But then his life takes a turn in a most unexpected way. This graphic novel combines the story of the Titanic with Moshe and the lessons he learns that change his life.

(via Jewish Book Council)

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