Artisans of Israel: Transcending Tradition by Lynn Holstein

Artisans of Israel: Transcending Tradition by Lynn Holstein
  • Forty artisans give a comprehensive insight into the current arts-and-crafts movement in Israel
  • The personal stories create a sensitive and inspiring portrait of the young country
  • Contains a diverse selection of photographs from the artists, depicting their studios and work, and making this book eye-candy for any applied arts aficionado

Artisans of Israel is a very special book on crafts. Author Lynn Holstein is in search of a national identity in the artisanry of the still young country – and she finds it in the unifying pursuit for innovation. Forty artists, including Jews, Muslims and Christians, tell their stories and show in five different trades how emancipation can be promoted through creativity.

Working with one’s hands stands unfailingly at the centre of this reflection. From the hybrid of cultural and religious backgrounds emerges a unique compilation that brings together the fields of metalwork and jewellery, ceramics, textiles, paper and wood. This compilation portrays a sensitive and inspiring portrait of Israel and its inhabitants.

This book accompanies an exhibition at The Open Museum, Tefen (IL), in January 2018.

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