Mari’s Hope by Sandy Brehl

Mari's Hope by Sandy Brehl

Mari’s Hope delivers the dramatic conclusion to the middle-grade historical fiction trilogy begun with Odin’s Promise, awarded the 2014 Midwest Book Award for Children’s Fiction, and Bjorn’s Gift (2016).

In Mari’s Hope, set in a small village in occupied western Norway in the final years of World War II, young Mari has become a valued helper to the village doctor. She also plays a role in her family’s efforts in the local resistance, despite ever-present dangers, especially from the snooping soldier called Goatman and from Leif, her one-time school friend, now a German collaborator.

As the German war efforts falter, pressure increases on the occupying troops to hold Norway firmly in their grip.

But freedom-loving Norwegians will do their best to thwart those plans.

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  1. Sandy Brehl says:

    What a lovely surprise to see this title featured here. I’m so grateful. I hope readers will find it and also find many surprising things about WWII history in Norway.
    Thank you!

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