Fragments of the Brooklyn Talmud by Andrew Ramer

Fragments of the Brooklyn Talmud by Andrew Ramer

Afterword: David Wolpe

Eighty years from now, in a time of increasing environmental degradation and after one sixth of the Earth’s population has died in a vast pandemic, a noted rabbi in Brooklyn hosts a convocation for Jewish clergy and scholars from every background. Her vision–to create a new Talmud for living in such dangerous times. Over the course of five years the attendees work to compile a text in multiple genres–but their text is never completed.

Eighty years later, a single laptop is discovered that contains fragments of their text–and that is what this book contains. There are poems, stories, legal texts, and conversations, on belief, practice, liturgy, all designed for beleaguered people living in what seems to them the end of time. There are texts of hope, humor, despair, rage, and simple witnessing of the dying world around them (which may or may not be our world).

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