Window to Yesterday: The Swordsman by Jeff Lefkowitz

Window to Yesterday: The Swordsman by Jeff Lefkowitz

What if … buried deep inside your brain were eyewitness memories of events that changed history? Memories of what your own great, great – too many to write – grandfather or grandmother saw and did when they were young.

Of how a prankster, a hothead, and a smart, tough girl were swept up in one of history’s great clashes: the first war between the ruthless Roman Empire and underdog Judea.

Are you the descendant of heroes? Or of cowards? Would you want to know?

And what of those Judeans whose ideas, not swords, would one day conquer the world? It’s too late for them. But it’s not too late for you.

This series debut is fun, thought-provoking, and historically accurate. But what’s with the goat?

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