Hil­lel Takes a Bath by Vic­ki L. Weber

Hil­lel Takes a Bath by Vic­ki L. Weber

Illustrator: John Joven

Today I will use this cloth to do a mitzvah! Hillel the Sage announced to his class. He whisked the cloth off his shoulder and snapped it in the air. The rabbi s students were puzzled and delighted. What could be done with a cloth? What mysterious mitzvah could it be? Through this charming story about the famous Hillel of the Talmud, readers will enjoy discovering that the mysterious mitzvah is taking a bath! The note for families at the back of the book will help readers dig deeper and let them think more about the Jewish value of guarding one s health, shmor et nafshecha, and how having healthy habits (like taking baths) is an important Jewish value.

Year first published: 2019

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