Secrets From the Lost Bible: Hidden Scriptures Found by Kenneth Hanson

Secrets From the Lost Bible: Hidden Scriptures Found by Kenneth Hanson

In this trade paperback edition of the book (published in hardcover in 2004), Judaica scholar Kenneth Hanson, PhD uncovers the parallels within a collection of lost and suppressed sacred books (Kabbalah, apocrypha, Gnostic gospels, the Dead Sea scrolls, pseudepigrapha). He offers readers a clear interpretation of their hidden truths, which, once grasped, can help us ?get in touch with the creative marrow of the universe.? ?Welcome to the world of the Lost Bible, ? writes Dr. Hanson, ?an entire library of hidden wisdom, a treasury of ancient writings that never found their way into our Bibles. They were suppressed by religious leaders across the centuries who consigned to the blackest pit any writings that did not conform to their narrow notions of piety. Today, if we are bold enough to learn the right lessons, these suppressed books can become for us a key to unlock the transcendent mysteries of life. They can open us to the world of spirit and transform us. These texts?scores and scores of them once declared unworthy?very nearly perished from the earth, only to re-emerge in our day and time.? An added feature for this trade paperback edition is a brand new chapter about the Gospel of Judas. Hanson will quote from the recently rediscovered text, using his own translation of the original Coptic manuscript, and will show how an understanding of the book’s hidden wisdom can enhance our lives today.

Year first published: 2004

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