Maimonides on Teshuvah: The Way of Repentance by Henry Abramson

Maimonides on Teshuvah: The Way of Repentance by Henry Abramson

A Master of Teshuvah should not think that he is far from the level of the righteous because of the sins he committed, intentionally or otherwise. This is not so. Rather, he is beloved and cherished by the Creator as if he had never sinned at all. Furthermore, his reward is greater, for he tasted the taste of sin and separated from it, conquering his evil inclination. The Sages taught that in the place where the Masters of Teshuvah stand, not even the completely righteous may stand.The Ways of Repentance 7:4Maimonides on Teshuvah is a new translation and commentary on The Ways of Repentance, the first comprehensive study of Teshuvah in Jewish literary history. In this work, Maimonides surveys the philosophical, psychological, and practical aspects of repentance. Carefully weaving threads drawn from the rich tapestry of Jewish religious writings, Maimonides describes the theoretical foundations of teshuvah (free will vs. predeterminism, nature vs. nurture, and conceptions of the afterlife) and provides concrete recommendations for readers who yearn for the cleansing power of teshuvah.

Year first published: 2019

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