Free online course about Sholem Aleichem’s “Tevye, The Dairyman”, the inspiration for “Fiddler on the Roof”

Professor Ruth Wisse

The Tikvah Fund‘s online university offers two courses for free right now. If you are interested in Jewish film you would find interesting a Harvard professor’s, Ruth Wisse‘s 8 episode course. Here is the official description

The Broadway hit Fiddler on the Roof and its star, Tevye the Dairyman, are among the most beloved cultural icons in America and the world.

But long before Fiddler, Tevye was the protagonist of Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem‘s greatest short stories. And in Tikvah’s free online course, taught by master teacher of Jewish literature Professor Ruth Wisse, you’ll get to know Tevye, his five daughters, and their suitors as you never have before. You’ll laugh with Tevye, cry with Tevye, and appreciate anew what this simple country Jew can teach us today.

Enroll here.

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