Matzah Mia! by Libi Astaire

Matzah Mia! by Libi Astaire

When a sack full of counterfeit gold coins is found in a matzah bakery, the most likely suspect is the Jewish baker who owns it—and if Mr. Ezra Melamed can’t prove his innocence the baker will hang.Enlisting the aid of the Earl of Gravel Lane and General Well’ngone, the leaders of a gang of young pickpockets, Mr. Melamed embarks on a search for the real culprit that takes the trio from Houndsditch pawnshops to aristocratic Mayfair homes to rehearsals for a new opera by a young Italian composer named Rossini. But to their dismay, every clue they turn up leads in an equally distressing direction. Because if the baker didn’t do it, it seems there is only one other person who could have counterfeited the coins—the baker’s opera-loving son. Matzah Mia! is the fifth book in Libi Astaire’s historical mystery series that takes a humorous and engaging look at Jewish Regency England.

Year first published: 2020

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