Pos­i­tive Judaism by Dar­ren Levine

Pos­i­tive Judaism by Dar­ren Levine

Learn how to increase happiness and well-being for yourself, for your family, for the world–Jewishly.

Positive Judaism offers readers of all backgrounds a pathway to enhanced well-being and happiness. Drawing on three thousand years of ancient wisdom and the modern science of well-being, Rabbi Levine challenges us with new ways to approach relationships, careers, health, and money to increase lifelong happiness.

At the same time, Positive Judaism offers practical ways to cope with real life challenges like divorce, illness, loneliness, and job loss. Virtues like hope, resilience, and optimism that are proven to support well-being are deeply rooted in Jewish holidays, prayers, and traditions.

The principles of Positive Judaism include Jewish virtues and well-being practices that are available to everyone, offering a profoundly new vision for thriving in today’s world.

Year first published: 2019

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