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Brown Judaic Studies (BJS) announces the launch of our Open Access Books program.  During the 2019-2020 academic year, with the support of a grant from the NEH/Mellon Humanities Open Books program, we have been digitizing about fifty titles from our backlist in order to make them publicly accessible at no cost in perpetuity.  The books are available for download in different formats, including PDF, EPUB, HTML, and plain text (for text-mining). Most of the books have received additional copyediting and several contain new prefaces by the authors.  Print on Demand editions of these new editions will also be available for purchase.

BJS Open Books will be available on the Brown Judaic Studies website in all formats.  The books can also be accessed, in different formats, through a number of other sites:  JSTOR (HTML and PDF); Project MUSE (HTML and PDF); the Hathi Trust (PDF); SBL Press (Print on Demand); Amazon (e-Reader); and the Brown Digital Repository (PDF, HTML, e-Reader and TXT).  The Association for Jewish Studies will also post a link to our titles.  

Current available titles, with links to JSTOR, are below.   We hope to have all of our open access titles available on all platforms during this summer.

Brown Judaic Studies is a book series specializing in high-quality scholarly books in Jewish studies.  Run by the faculty of the Program in Judaic Studies at Brown University, we have published over 350 volumes over forty years.  For more information about Brown Judaic Studies and our recent publications, click here.

Currently available volumes:

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