Isaiah: End Times and Messiah in Judaism by Israel Rosenberg

Isaiah: End Times and Messiah in Judaism by Israel Rosenberg

“The topic of “ISAIAH: End Times and Messiah in Judaism” is explained in the book’s title. The book uses selected sections of the Hebrew biblical Book of Isaiah as a springboard for explaining Judaism’s understanding of the eschatological concepts of the End Times Redemption and the Messiah. I was motivated to write this book because in repeated conversations with American Christian pastors and believers, I found that there was a lack of agreement about even the meaning of the terminology that both Christianity and Judaism share in describing their views of the future. I chose to use the Book of Isaiah as my primary source because Christian tradition, based on understanding of translations of the book into English, makes use of Isaiah as a source for understanding the future Redemption and the coming of the Messiah. Judaism has a long-established and quite different understanding of these concepts. For the past 2,000 years, the Jewish understanding of these sources has been repressed due to the danger of stating things that are not in line with dominant Christian dogma. We now live in an era where such things are no longer taboo, and the Jewish view can be placed on the table for all to see and understand. This is a critical step in helping Christians understand the Jewish sources of their faith”

Year first published: 2020

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