Tikkun Olam: Israel vs. COVID 19 by Jodie Cohen

Tikkun Olam: Israel vs. COVID 19 by Jodie Cohen

How is One of the Planet’s Smallest Countries Helping to Tackle the World’s Biggest Challenge?

Over the past decade, Israel has become known as a powerhouse of innovations, helping to improve people’s everyday lives. Today, Israel’s innovators are focusing their efforts where they are needed the most – attempting to tackle the number one problem confronting humanity – COVID-19.

Reporting on more than 30 Israeli innovations, which were all developed between the outbreak of the coronavirus and early May 2020, this book charts how in that short period of time, the Israeli high-tech industry has adapted its technologies and partnerships, and quickly created new ones, to apply itself to the biggest crisis facing the world.

The book reveals the human faces – the scientists, doctors and CEOs – behind the innovations, offering an insight into their perspectives.

Important note – disclaimer

This is not a book for those seeking official health information about the virus, and no healthcare advice is suggested within. For healthcare information and advice, it is recommended to consult with your local, official healthcare providers. No claims are made predicting the future success or otherwise of any of the innovations detailed within this book, though many are already in use in major hospitals or in the various stages of testing.
The purpose of this book is to show how the people behind Israel’s ‘start-up nation’ are quickly adapting their innovations in a bid to help ‘tikkun olam’, or heal the world.

Year first published: 2020

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