The Blue Guide to Grey Living by Lionel Blue

The Blue Guide to Grey Living by Lionel Blue

In this new book Rabbi Lionel Blue tackles the problems of old age. He is addressing the growing grey brigade, for there are few counsellors to help them grow from late middle age into old age. Nowadays, society is not sure how to deal with the swelling numbers of the elderly.

Blue writes at all times with extreme practicality and good humour. He writes of specialised forms of giving – giving up, giving away and giving back. As Parkinson’s has now entered into his own life, he writes about old age honestly and spiritually. This is therefore also an account of his own journey into old age as well as those he has known in the flesh and through their lives and writings.

This is an easily readable guide to old age which does not dodge the issues. As always Blue uses humour and jokes to point the problems and the paradoxes. The book takes the form of a spiritual journey through modern Britain to find new teachers. The author has to go on an outer journey to make an inner journey. He is curious about eastern religion and spiritualism. He visits retreat houses, pilgrimage centres, hermits and anchoresses to discuss issues such as what is the soul, what is conscience, what is the self? This is Rabbi Blue at his most sympathetic and at his very best.

Year first published: 2013

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