Abraham The Father of the Jewish People by Nathan Drazin

Abraham The Father of the Jewish People by Nathan Drazin

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Drazin was a born storyteller. In his synagogue, every Saturday evening, just before the end of the Sabbath, a huge crowd of people would sit down at a very long table for the traditional seudah shelishit meal. When they finished eating, Rabbi Dr. Drazin would tell them a story. This book, written in the 1940s and brought to the reading public now for the first time, records some of those enthralling stories of our ancestors, bringing Jewish lore alive in an animated recounting of the origin and lifetime of the father of the Jewish people. Children will enjoy these fascinating midrashic tales about Abraham s birth and miraculous upbringing, his struggle against the worship of idols, his survival of attempts to kill him, his dealings with his mother Amtaelai and his father Terah the seller of idols as well as the wicked King Nimrod, and much more.

Year first published: 2019

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