Hil­lel Builds a House by Shoshana Lep­on

Hil­lel Builds a House by Shoshana Lep­on

Illustrator: Ángeles Ruiz

All year, Hillel builds treehouses and forts. His structures―in the backyard, under the stairs and even in the living room―can get in the way when the family is busy with holiday preparations. As the Jewish holidays come and go throughout the year, Hillel can’t seem to find the right one for his building projects. That is, until fall comes, and with it the holiday of Sukkot, the Jewish harvest holiday, which is all about building a temporary structure, called a sukkah. Hillel puts all his practice building to work as he helps his father use boards, branches and decorations to create the family sukkah.

Year first published: 2020

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