Israel…It’s Complicated Teacher Resource Guide by Irit Eliav Levin

Israel...It's Complicated Teacher Resource Guide by Irit Eliav Levin

Educating students about modern Israel is no easy task. Israel is the Jewish homeland, a place of both conflict and peace. A place both ancient and modern. It’s unique and complicated.

Enhance your teaching of Israel…It’s Complicated with lessons, games, deep questions, lively debates and plenty of other tools that empower you to guide your students with confidence.

Each chapter of this robust guide includes:

  • 23 scripted lessons, each about 45 minutes
  • Primary source documents, such as actual text of laws and policies
  • News articles about recent events that relate to the chapter topic
  • Additional ready-to-use activities to supplement the lessons, as time permits, drawn from a wide range of sources
  • Enduring Understandings that drive each chapter
  • Activity directions and strategies to help students explore the topics

Year first published: 2019

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