Matters of Life and Death by Dr. Albert Matalon

Matters of Life and Death by Dr. Albert Matalon

What do traditional contemporary Jewish sources have to say about…

Signing a DNR? Pain and suffering? Artificial nutrition and hydration? Palliative care? Withholding treatment? A Comatose patient? Hazardous procedures to save a life? Morphine drip? Praying for a sick person to die? Dementia and Alzheimer’s? Respirators? Physician assisted suicide?…

In Matters of Life and Death, these and other critical issues are analyzed in depth using the full gamut of Halachic sources, from biblical and Talmudic writings through the rulings of the medieval sages, and culminating in a thorough discussion of the opinions of the opinions of 21st century authorities.

Questions pertaining to life-or-death decision often arise without warning. A thorough background in these most sensitive issues is crucial, in order to know when a competent Halachic authority must be consulted and which questions to ask. Rabbis, doctors and patients alike may find this book a valuable resource when dealing with matters of life and death.

Year first published: 2019

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