Why Did Hashem Create Me? by Yechezkel Stelzer

Why Did Hashem Create Me? by Yechezkel Stelzer

Do you want your child to have a positive outlook? Do you want to nurture your child’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem?
Why Did Hashem Create Me? teaches every child that they are a precious gift. In our competitive world, many children grow up feeling like they’re not good enough. This beautiful book helps kids connect to their own worth and discover how special, good and loveable they are.
This book provides clearly and beautifully the most important life lessons we would all want our children to learn and internalize.If you like inspiration, captivating drawings, and empowering your child’s personal growth, then you and your family will love Yechezkel Stelzer’s picture book.Stelzer’s unique, inspirational and sweet book is a must-read.Buy Why Did Hashem Create Me? today to give your child a big dose of love!

Year first published: 2019

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