Princess without a Crown: Returning to My Jewish Roots by Jenna Maio

Princess without a Crown: Returning to My Jewish Roots by Jenna Maio

Although Jenna Maio grew up near Orthodox Jews in the Five Towns of Long Island, New York, she might as well have lived worlds apart. A secular American Jew determined to save the world through environmental law, Jenna’s dream comes true when she is accepted to an Ivy League law school. But on a trip to Israel, her exposure to Torah learning causes her to question everything.

Will I become Orthodox? That question alone makes Jenna’s stomach flip and her head spin. Her parents will feel completely alienated. Her revered anti-religious grandfather will never approve. Her friends will think she went insane.

Upon arriving home, Jenna tries to maintain her studying and growth, but starts to waver, forgetting why she wanted to become observant in the first place. But when she begins revisiting her old way of life, that small flicker of light, of inspiration, that she felt on her Israel trip refuses to dim. After a series of “crazy coincidences,” the feeling that G-d is guiding her back to her tradition becomes stronger and stronger.

Jenna has no choice but to forge her own path. She must face her true self and what she wants out of life, both personally and professionally. Will she have the courage to make her vision a reality despite the opposition surrounding her?

Princess Without a Crown is a coming-of-age story filled with drama and humor, as well as amazing stories of Divine Providence and Torah wisdom. Join Jenna as she discovers her heritage and navigates the newfound blessings-and challenges-on her path to growth.

Year first published: 2020

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