The Polish Tailor by Débora Finkielsztejn

The Polish Tailor by Débora Finkielsztejn

A SAGA OF A FAMILY SEPARATED BY WAR.A historical immigration novel about identity and major conflicts that marked the 20th century.An intricate plot mixing drama, thriller, and turnaround. The Polish Tailor mixes both reality and fiction by driving the reader through Brazil from twentieth-century immigrants, a challenging and unknown land for the Jewish families, escaping from persecution in Europe to a place “with no winter”.The novel tells the story of Moishe, the patriarch of the Luitermanns, who left Poland in the 1930s searching for work and better conditions for his wife Fela and their five children. First, Avraham and Shlomo – the two eldest sons – had to join the military service, and their lives went into different paths. The book is about the search for identity in the midst of the horrors of war and forced migration. On this journey to a new land and search for peace, the Luitermann family faces a history of loss, separation, and reunion, all sewn together.

Year first published: 2020

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