Hanukkah Hearts by Jean Joachim

Hanukkah Hearts by Jean Joachim

Relocated to New York City from the Midwest, Becky Cohen follows her dream by snagging a choice entry level job at Homes and Ralph Publishing. Hanukkah is not a recognized holiday there, so Becky must remain in New York. Squished into a tiny two-bedroom apartment with three young women, Becky misses her family’s home and the rowdy companionship of her brothers. She plans to Skype with her family during their Hanukkah celebration, until her father declares that “Hanukkah’s been cancelled.” Fighting a serious case of pneumonia, Becky’s mother is rushed to the hospital. Devastated to be removed from her loved ones during this trying time, Becky’s amazed to find a new gift appears on her desk every day. Who’s responsible? He signs his name only, “The Hanukkah Elf.” Who is the Hanukkah Elf? Read the story to find out. Clean, sweet romance

Year first published: 2020

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