When We Can’t Go Out: Jewish Joy at Home by Jeff Gottesfeld

When We Can't Go Out: Jewish Joy at Home by Jeff Gottesfeld

Author Jeff Gottesfeld, has written a labor-of-love project for children during Covid times that he explains below:

My thought was that Jewish life is communal. But there are still ways for kids and families to find Jewish joy at home. To help that cause, and to give parents plenty of ideas, I wrote a free, downloadable PDF coloring book for kids: When We Can’t Go Out: Jewish Joy at Home. It has glorious and funny illustrations by Rhode Island School of Design student Jonah Cohen, and is designed by Julie Greller, who is a childhood chum. We’re all Jewish, it’s suitable for all streams of Jewish practice, and reflects the diversity of Judaism. It’s our gift to the community and our kids. Our hope is that parents will download and print this free book for kids to read, color, and enjoy.

The shareable download link: https://www.jeffgottesfeldwriter.com/jewish-joy-at-home-download

Year first published: 2020

The book's page at the pubisher's site

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