Memorial Book of Gombin, Poland

Memorial Book of Gombin, Poland

Editors: A Shulman, Leon Zamosc, Ada Holtzman

Like all Yizkor books, the Gombin memorial book is a unique source of information about the town’s vanished Jewish community. Its narratives, testimonies and photographs offer a vivid overview of the history, religious and secular institutions, leading personalities, social and cultural activities, and daily life of the Gombin Jews before the Second World War. They also convey the horrors of their persecution, suffering and annihilation following the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany. As an important addition to the original version, this English edition of the book includes a new appendix with individual information about 2,248 Gombiners who are known to have perished during the Shoah. For me, it is a privilege to have been able to contribute to the vital enterprise of transmitting the historical legacy of the Jews of Gombin to new generations of scholars and Gombiner descendants all over the world.

Year first published: 2021

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