A Dead­ly Act by Jonathan Dun­sky

A Dead­ly Act by Jonathan Dun­sky

What if you suspected your husband of murder?

Israel, 1951: Private investigator Adam Lapid has never had a case like this.

Five years before, his client lied to the police, giving a false alibi to her husband. Now, she’s sure he committed murder, and she wants Adam to prove it.

But can Adam really trust her? Is she telling him the whole truth?

The case is a puzzle, the victim a mystery wrapped in a riddle. And the murder scene? That’s the most baffling thing of all.

Why did the killer choose that particular spot? Why take some of the victim’s possessions and leave others behind?

It’s a cold case that’s about to get hot. The more Adam unravels the mystery, the greater the danger. Is the killer plotting to kill again? Is Adam’s life in danger as he closes in on the murderer?

Year first published: 2020

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