Probing the Parsha by Nathan Aviezer

Probing the Parsha by Nathan Aviezer

On Shabbat and festivals, it is a universal practice in the Jewish world to read the weekly Torah portion – the parsha. There are many books that deal with the weekly parsha, but one seeks explanation and ideas that are new. Therefore, there is place for another book on this subject that emphasizes the p’shat – the literal meaning of the Torah verses. There are ”seventy approaches” to the Torah and the p’shat is surely one of the most important.

Careful reading of the Torah verses according to the p’shat reveals new and deep insights. The goal of this book is to present these new ideas to the reader. Probing the Parsha contains eighty-five chapters, each dealing with a single topic. It is my hope that Probing the Parsha will enrich the Shabbat and festival table and will also provide food for thought during the week.

Year first published: 2021

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