A Place to Hide by David Salner

A Place to Hide by David Salner

It’s 1923, and Bill Waite is on the run from a cruel Montana parole boss. Arriving in New York City, he needs a hideout and someone to trust. He finds both working on the Holland Tunnel as a sandhog laborer with Virgil Pushkin Shulman, the first Jew he’s ever known.

Virgil guides him into a new life and helps him develop a false identity. Through this friendship Bill learns about Jewish history and Yiddish culture. He shelters a six-year old slum-child, takes her to ballgames at Ebbets Field, falls for her mother. After a life of loneliness and hardship, happiness.

But when Bill rescues a coworker from a tunnel blowout, the front-page notoriety alerts his pursuers….

A Place to Hide probes a fugitive’s mindset-with suspense, humor, and a unique moral vision.

Year first published: 2021

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