Signs of Salvation; Editors: Mark Randall James, Randi Rashkover

Signs of Salvation; Editors: Mark Randall James, Randi Rashkover

Peter Ochs is one of today’s most influential Jewish philosophers and the cofounder of the practice of Scriptural Reasoning. Signs of Salvation: A Festschrift for Peter Ochs celebrates Ochs’ deep and wide-ranging contributions to theology, philosophy, interreligious dialogue, and conflict resolution studies. The volume offers a rich and rigorous introduction to Peter Ochs’ extensive body of work and his philosophy of scriptural pragmatism. In addition, it presents engaging essays by Ochs’ colleagues, friends, and former students, who reflect on the impact his work has had on their academic field and their own thought. Contributors raise questions about the task of philosophy and the nature of reasoning, the appropriate function and limits of the Western academy, the practice of Scriptural Reasoning and its significance for interreligious dialogue, and the future of modern theology. With contributions from: Robert Gibbs Nicholas Adams Daniel Weiss Jim Fodor Jacob Goodson Emily Filler Rumi Ahmed Basit Koshul Nauman Faizi Rachel Muers Eliot Wolfson Steven Kepnes Shaul Magid Mike Higton Tom Greggs Susannah Ticciati Stanley Hauerwas

Year first published: 2021

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