Most popular books in May 2021 on

Civvers of Eternal, Red Rock Baby Candy, Hadassah: An American Story, Times of Transition, Story of Our Lives

Here are the top 5 most popular/visited films from the 83 books I added in May 2021. (Based on the number of times these books’ pages were visited in June, the first month when all of them were available for the whole time period.)

  1. Eternal by Lisa ScottolineBuy this book at Amazon
  2. Red Rock Baby Candy by Shira Spector Buy this book at Amazon
  3. Hadassah: An American Story by Hadassah LiebermanBuy this book at Amazon
  4. Times of Transition: Judea in the Early Hellenistic Period; Edited by Christophe Nihan, Oded Lipschits, Sylvie HonigmanBuy this book at Amazon
  5. Story of Our Lives: An Epic Quest for the Soul of our Tradition by Yaakov KleinBuy this book at Amazon

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