Young Captain on a Broken Boat by Isaac Adler

Young Captain on a Broken Boat by Isaac Adler

Childhood memories of a World War II Jewish refugee turned away from British Palestine to an island prison in Mauritius

Years ago, a young Jewish boy stood on a broken boat, half buried in the sand, holding a piece of bamboo he had made into a toy telescope. The boy was scanning the horizon, looking for the large ship that would take him and his parents back to Eretz-Israel. In late 1940, the boy, his parents and 1580 other Jewish refugees were deported to the remote island of Mauritius, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean after they were denied entry to then British controlled Palestine.

I was that boy…

Includes 22 pencil drawings by the author. They vividly illustrate Isaac’s childhood memories during his family’s imprisonment as Jewish refugees in Mauritius.

Year first published: 2021

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