The Deception Connection by Cate Muegge

The Deception Connection by Cate Muegge

Lauren is a young recently married college graduate, living in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Growing up with an abusive mother, she finds herself challenged with bouts of insecurity, unworthiness, and depression. The day she was born was the day her two-year-old sister tragically died. This precipitated a childhood filled with emotional abuse from her mother causing Lauren to blame herself for her sister’s death. Though now an adult, she struggles to overcome feelings of unworthiness and guilt.

Lately, her husband has been distant and acting strangely. With 9/11 still fresh on her mind, she suspects that Michael is involved with something sinister related to his new boss, Abraham, a Palestinian from Jerusalem. But she also wonders if Michael is having an affair.

While accompanying Michael on a business trip to Chicago all hell breaks loose. Three seemingly unconnected events occur during a Colorado blizzard. Her father is murdered, an attempt is made on her life and Michael disappears. These seemingly unconnected events leave Lauren questing for answers, leading her on a journey that unveils the web of deception surrounding her life.

She learns that Abraham has moved back to Jerusalem, so she ventures to Israel to confront him. While in Israel, she meets a handsome Israeli widower with two children, with whom a romance blossoms. Yet still lingering in the back of Lauren’s mind she wonders if Michael is alive, why he left, and will he reappear?

She is in for the shock of her life when she is finally faced with the truth of a family secret that explodes into several redemptive revelations that leads her on a path to deliverance, forgiveness, and freedom.

Year first published: 2021

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