And So Is Hashem by Aura Dweck

And So Is Hashem by Aura Dweck

Illustrator: Gillian Flint

The benefits of reading aloud to children are undeniable, and it’s never too soon to begin! With the choice of the right book, reading aloud time becomes meaningful Jewish time, filled with the joy of Torah and mitzvos for impressionable babies and toddlers.

Designed with the very youngest audience in mind, “And So Is Hashem” is based on a concept from the Mishnah in Pirkei Avos (3:10) that anyone who pleases others by acting in a way that is good and right, pleases Hashem, as well.

Throughout the book, a young boy and girl actively seek opportunities to make others happy… their parents and grandparents, their neighbors and friends. With each loving mitzvah action, the simple refrain reminds us:

“My mother is happy, and so is Hashem…

…My sister is happy, and so is Hashem.”

“And So Is Hashem” shares a powerful message and belongs in every home, daycare, and school setting.

Year first published: 2021

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