Most popular books posted in September 2021 on

Most popular books posted in September 2021 on

Here are the top 5 most popular/visited films from the 33 books I added in September 2021. (Based on the number of times these books’ pages were visited in October, the first month when all of them were available for the whole time period.)

  1. Sounds from Silence: Reflections of a Child Holocaust Survivor, Psychiatrist, and Teacher by Robert KrellBuy this book at Amazon
  2. Pumpkin Pie for Sigd: A Holiday Tale by Tzivia MacleodBuy this book at Amazon
  3. Conscious History: Polish Jewish Historians before the Holocaust by Natalia AleksiuBuy this book at Amazon
  4. Escape From Syria: A Jewish Boy’s Story of Survival by Shira Yehudit DjalilmandBuy this book at Amazon
  5. The Lord God of Gods: Divinity and Deification in Early Judaism by Silviu BuntaBuy this book at Amazon

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