The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel – Shugashvili’s Secret by Rabbi Juravel

The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel - Shugashvili's Secret by Rabbi Juravel

For the thousands of Rabbi Juravel fans worldwide who love listening to Shugashvili’s Secret on CD, now you can read and enjoy the story even more in comics-book form, while learning important hilchos Shabbos at the same time! It all begins when Yossel Rubin gets drafted into the Russian army, and is horrified to discover who the sergeant in charge of his unit is. But Yossel is a good, ehrliche Yid, and he insists on keeping all the halachos of Shabbos properly, even in his new and difficult situation. Then some mysterious developments begin to occur, and Yossel stumbles onto something that may just be the key to saving himself… Endorsed by many well-known poskim, Shugashvili’s Secret will keep your children entertained for hours on end, as they become familiar with more of the thirty-nine melachos of Shabbos.

Year first published: 2021

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